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Lavazza – Lavazza is traditionally roasted coffee straight from Italy.  Their blends are world famous, and is touted the “#1 Coffee in Italy.”  We carry four whole bean blends, including: Supercrema, Grand Espresso, Top Class and Dek Decaf, as well as three pre ground coffees pre-packaged into portion packs for drip coffee.



lavazza supercremaSupercrema – Supercrema is a top seller, and is a blend of Arabica and Robusta.  This blend offers a full bodies coffee, with a full and rich taste and a hint of bitterness.  Supercrema is extremely versatile and can be used in different variations of espresso drinks.  Available in a 2.2lb bag, whole bean.


topclass2Top Class-Top Class is a blend of Arabica beans from Central America and Robusta beans from Indonesia, creating the perfect taste of traditional Italian coffee.  Top Class offers a full bodied taste without the bitterness.  Top Class is a great base for delicious lattes, or enjoying a shot of espresso itself.  Available in a 2.2lb bag, whole bean.



Grand Expresso2Grand Espresso –Grand Espresso is the darkest of the Lavazza blends, boasting more Robusta beans to create a stronger taste.  This coffee is at its best in lattes or cappuccinos, as it will retain its strong taste.  Available in a 2.2lb bag, whole bean.



lavazza dekDek – Dek Decaffeinated is a great alternative to those who’d prefer not to have the caffeine, but don’t want to forgo the delicious traditional Italian espresso taste.  Dek uses a natural water process to remove the caffeine content, (99%) but doesn’t compromise the full bodied taste of the Arabica beans from Brazil and Columbia.  Available in a 1.1lb bag, whole bean, or 64g portion packs, pre-ground.



grandfiltro2Gran Filtro – Gran Filtro was developed for drip coffee machines, and is portion packaged for foodservice convenience!  Gran Filtro is 100% Arabica, and is available in regular, dark roast and decaffeinated.  The portion packages are a great no mess solution to drip coffee!  Just open the package, pour into a filter and brew!



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