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We are proud to offer an award winning line up of espresso and coffee and beverage equipment, including LaCimbali, Mazzer, Blendtec, Bunn, Casadio & Pasquini.

Our showroom is fully functional, so you can always try before you buy.  Our equipment also comes with great customizable options, so each piece is built for your café.  Our equipment is fully covered as well, meaning our technicians are factory trained to offer service and product support, so you can always be ready to serve your customers!





Cimbali Traditional Espresso Machines have been trusted in the coffee industry worldwide since 1912.  Beginning with the first lever type machines, Cimbali has evolved to include one, two, three and four group head machines, combining beauty and style into a finely handcrafted Italian Espresso Machine.

Cimbali is dedicated to innovation, providing the latest in technology.  All machines are designed and created in house by Cimbali engineers, and have patented features that give Cimbali Espresso machines a step above the rest.

Aside from using the newest technology, Cimbali also offers ergonomic and attractive design and styling, the perfect edition to your café’s décor style.  Cimbali machines are designed with the busy café owner in mind – and are easy to clean, easy to maintain and provide an outstanding return on investment.

Bravo is the exclusive Canadian distributor of Cimbali Espresso Machines, bringing you Traditional and Superautomatic machines.  We provide training, installation and support for your finest investment, as well as bi-annual scheduled maintenance.  We offer a showroom which displays all of the Cimbali machines we offer, including a fully functioning training centre where you can test drive the equipment prior to your purchase.


Superautomatic Espresso Machines

Superautomatic machines offer a bean to cup solution in a fast paced environment.  The machines are easy to use, require very little clean up, and best of all, are easy to maintain!


Cimbali S39


S39 – The S39 offers the latest in Cimbali innovation, including a touch screen, 18 programmable drink cycles, Turbosteam™, MilkPS™, dual hopper and hot water spout for teas.  There are lots of customizable options that you can choose.  Come in and see us to build and price your very own S39!



M1-The M1’s sleek design enables it to fit into small spaces, and at only 35cm wide, it definitely frees up counter space!  Designed to have an output of 150 coffees per day, the M1 can keep up with the busiest cafes and restaurants. The features include programmable buttons, Turbosteam™, MilkPS™, dual hopper and hot water spout for teas.


Traditional Machines



M39 Dosatron – Known in our office as the “Cadillac of Espresso Machines” the M39 combines style with high output.  Available in two, three and four groups, the M39 Dosatron features ThermoDrive™ Turbosteam, programmable volumetric dosing for dosing at the touch of a button.





M39 GT – The M39 GT brings everything the M39 does, but has the ability to dose or continuous flow.   Available in two or three groups, the M39 GT features ThermoDrive™ Turbosteam, programmable volumetric dosing for dosing at the touch of a button.



LaCimbali M29


M29 Selectron-The M29 Selectron stands out in its class because it is so easily customizable.  Available with programmable volumetric dosing, optional Turbosteam™, and  two, three and four group models.  The M29 is simple elegance, and enhances the aesthetics of any café or restaurant.



M21 Junior-The M21 Junior has been a long time staple of dedicated home baristas, as well as many small restaurants.  The one group traditional machine has a simple, no frills design, and also features programmable volumetric dosing.





Q10 – The Q10 is the perfect solution for a busy restaurant or café.  With its small footprint and sleek, attractive design, the Q10 will fit into small spaces, and provide high output.  Fully programmable and available with one or two grinder options, the Q10 is incredibly versatile and easy to use.





A long time Italian bar equipment brand, regarded as a manufacturer of reliable and durable equipment.


casadio dieci a2


Dieci A Series- The Dieci is a versatile machine that is easy to use, adjust and maintain.  Available in semiautomatic and automatic, the Dieci is available in a one, two or three group with optional high cup capability.






Major Electronic– The Major is meant for a high output, which is essential in today’s busy café market.  With 83mm burrs, it’s able to cut down mill time, saving you time!  The Major is the largest grinder available from Mazzer.  Available in a timer version as well, in black or siver.





Super Jolly– The Super Jolly is a great choice for people who want it all.  The Super Jolly features stepless grind adjustment, flat 64mm burrs, and is available in electronic and timer models in black and silver.



Mini Timer- The Mini Timer is the perfect grinder to use for decaf or for smaller quantities of coffee output.  The grinder features a timer, 58mm grinding burrs, a low blade speed for the perfect grind and adjustable dosing levels.  Available in Silver or Black.



Mini Electronic-The electronic version of the Mini is perfect for having exact doses of fresh coffee on demand each time.  It features an electronic touch pad, and is also perfect for smaller coffee quantities or decaf blends.  Available in Silver or Black.



Mazzer Parts & Service – We are the authorized distributor of parts for Canada, and are authorized and factory trained in any Mazzer repairs.  We stock most parts on site.



Enea – 64mm flat burr grinder with automatic doser.  Die cast chrome and painted body.

Enea 64 On Demand– Instantaneous grinding.  Adjustable electronic doser grinds coffee directly into the portafilter.  Programmable dosing features single and double settings.  Die cast chrome and painted body.

Theo 64– Adjustable timer grinder, 64mm burrs.  Adjust grind by microscrew.  Removable hopper, with 2kg capacity.

Theo 84-Electronic/Timer– High output grinder, 84mm burrs.  Adjust grind by microscrew.  Removable hopper, with 2kg capacity.

Theo Conico– Automatic grinder and doser,  with 68mm burrs.  High output grinder.  Microswitch adjustable.

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